Taking Your Dog On Holiday In Comfort And Style using Limo

Taking Your Dog On Holiday In Comfort And Style using Limo.

If you are like us, when you get ready to take a vacation, it’s not always feasible to take along your dog. Or I should say, in our case, “dogs” as in plural; we have four dogs.

puppies in the suitcase

When we take a trip, we of course are not able to take all four dogs. Sometimes we do take one or two but never all of them at the same time. If we are not able to find a friend or relative to come by the house and take care of the ones left behind, we will take them to what we call the pet hotel by use of limo hire services in London.

Actually, our veterinarian boards dogs for this purpose. We consider it an excellent choice for keeping our dogs. Not only do we know and trust the doctors there, they have an excellent area which is air-conditioned and heated for keeping the dogs. Each dog has his own run in a place to himself and they also take the dogs outside to a fenced in grassy area several times each day.

The people they have working with the dogs are excellent.

They get to know our dogs and even remember them upon returning visits. Also, we use these times for them to give the dogs their ordinary shots and any other procedures that they may need to have done using limo hire in London. For example, when we needed to have one of our female dogs spayed over the summer months. Instead of making a special trip to the vet in order to do this, we simply waited until it was time to take the vacation and when we were going to take the dog for boarding anyway.

This way, while she was there, they simply did the procedure at their convenience and when we got home it was all finished and everything was fine.

They of course had our mobile phone number in case they needed to contact me about anything. But everything went well and her surgery was fine.

One of the things that most boarding places require is a shot on a yearly basis for dogs that stay there. This shot is for what they call boarding cough. This is a type of virus that is very contagious among dogs and is prevalent in places where many strange dogs are kept in close proximity with each other.

It’s not a dangerous virus but it is something that can make your dogs sick much the same as the typical severe cold or flu symptoms that humans may get. The shot does not cost very much. I believe it is in the range of £10-£15 per dog per year.

When you first take your pet to a new place to stay, be sure to include any special instructions such as bringing along any medications that they require on a daily basis. For example, one of our dogs must take thyroid pills every day.

The vet is then instructed when and how to give the dog a pill daily. Also you can inform the employees there of any quirks or problems you feel your dog may encounter. For example, one of our dogs simply does not like strange female dogs. We tell them to make sure not to put them next to a female dog in the runs.

Taking our dogs to the “pet hotel” is a great way for us to take a vacation. Plus, I actually think the dogs enjoy it too when carried using Limo for hire in London.

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