My Memories Of My Dog Blue!

My German Shephard Blue! Not Only A Man’s Best Friend, But My Partner In Crime!


I thought I would write  a quick note to my beloved dear old friend my German Shepherd Blue! He truly was a great friend, blue was a German Shepherd I had when he was a little puppy right to the age of seven years old. He truly was one of those little dogs that mature into a perfect example of a man’s best friend.


When I first got blue I was warned that this little cute German Shepherd with floppy ears and little walk walk would grow into a fine specimen of a German shepherd. His paws we huge,  I was warned by the breeder that he was going to be huge, she told me the size the paws actually depicts the size of the dog. In the end blue stood from tail to nose at nearly 5ft .

He was an absolute gem and a friend even at such a young age he was so protective of me, my brothers and the whole family, any time the door would go or a car  pulled up, Blue would be on guard. He was there and  poised to protect his owners and property.

Blue was a gentle giant, don’t get me wrong if you were to cross that dog he would certainly make sure you would never do it again. But he was gentle obedient and loyal. Everything that you would expect from a fine example of a German Shepherd.

There were times where taking  Blue for a walk in his younger years and he was so inquisitive about the world, he loved children, never bit a child, never showed any signs of aggression and was always that caring little dog that I remember blue was.

Blue was as loyal as they come to a potin where the look of an eye, the single motion of the hand he would  roll, stay, or be on guard and always by your side no matter what.

He truly became a part of the family, my mother who actually wasn’t dog lover fell in love him so much she actually broke her heart in tears when Blue did pass.

With that said I thought I would post about below as a little homage to him. I actually thought one day I taking a limo ride and having blue with me unfortunately. I couldn’t find a limo hire service in London that would actually take pets on board, to be fair to the limo company the problem was blue being as big as he was. He would of left bundles of fur on the back of the limo and perhaps drunk their bar dry but to my friend blue wherever you are I hope you’re well. Miss you loads!.. :)

I hope this story didn’t bring a tear to your eye! But it really made me smile thinking of the good times with Blue! If you are little upset, then please check out this video i found out about expensive dogs, its so funny! Sorry for the swearing in the vid, but very funny all the same! Anyone for Bulldog breeding?…hahahhahah.. :)


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