Dec 17 2014

The Pampered Life Of Dogs Driven Around In Limos

The celebrity hooch lifestyle has really had a influence on the

way that people now interact with their four legged friends.


Gone are the days where you would get up call out for your trusted friend and they would arrive all happy and excited with leash in mouth ready for their morning walk.  These days these dogs are treated like a fashion accessories and are forwarded the lifestyle that even us mere mortals would dream of.

A-list celebrities have now taken looking after their pets to a whole new level. They are literally treating their dogs as royalty. They regularly treat them to pet spa’s where their dogs can take their time and begin to relax and destress! DESTRESS??? Yes you your read that right, these celebrity owners are actually saying that their pouches are actually stressed out from modern life.

BUT SERIOUSLY…. how the hell can a be dog stressed?

What really makes them feel stressed out. Don’t get me wrong i hate people that abuse animals and i think there is a place in this world for people like them and that place is called JAIL!

But why the hell does a dog feel stressed? These celebrity pouches sport diamond collars, sleep in fur lined dog baskets and eat the best steaks in town. Their life does not seem to be that bad at all.

So really i don’t buy this issue that these dogs are stressed!

Another thing that makes me laugh and makes me think that these owners are crazy is that i have even seen, read and heard that sometimes they are even taken their pets to a pet psychiatrist. Really when i read this i nearly feel off my seat!

All that money that these owners pay for their dog to sit down on a leather clad sofa and let a true professional who is probably charging $$$$ to find out what is going on in the dogs mind!

I can tell you one thing, why isn’t this money being used for good causes instead! Use that money to help dogs or cats that have been left to fend for themselves! Donate the money to a animal shelter, lets help these helpless souls and perhaps give them a better life. With all this money being spent on needless luxuries for just one animal, imagine what that money could do for 10’s if not 100’s of dogs just to give them a normal life.

What a real dog needs is love and attention!

A dog needs companionship! A dog needs a owner to love them, feed them and look after them in a normal way. Dogs strive for that! To them i bet if they could talk, they would say:-

“Please lovely owner, a hug, a pat on my head or a lovely walk is all i need to be your loyal friend, i don’t need diamonds or spa days! Just a love from a owner that would take care of me.”

Limos rides are great, don’t get me wrong. But surely don’t you think us humans would appreciate the journey more. Enjoying the time with friends in a stretch limo while enjoying a drink and having a laugh, is probably better then having a canine in the back ripping up the luxurious leather seating and leaving a nice smelly present for the driver to clean up after the journey. If you feel the same and thinking about giving it a try then CLICK here to book your very own journey in a A1 stretch limo

Just my thoughts and a little rant for what i see, which is a waste of time and money spent on a dog taking a ride in a limo!

Dec 16 2014

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