Apr 9 2015

Dog Walking Services

Dog Walking Services

We never like to think about accidents happening when we are traveling with our dogs, but it’s smart to take certain safety precautions to help avoid them.

Unfortunately, many people seem to overlook this fact, or simply don’t take the small amount of time to do so. This can not only increase the chance of your dog getting injured, but it can also increase the likely hood of you being injured as well. You shouldn’t want either or which to happen, which is why you should read some of my tips I have for traveling safely with your dog.

Before you even think of traveling with your dog, the first thing you should do is get an identification tag for them if they don’t have one already. It should be waterproof, easily attachable to your dogs collar, secure, and an area to write your address, name, and phone number on it.

Some ID tags are cheaply made and will either break or fall off your dogs collar. Be sure to get one that fits all of those specifications I just listed. You should be able to pick one up for under ten bucks at some of the big name pet stores in your area.

Just like a seat belt can save our lives in a car accident, a dog seat belt may save your dogs life. If you are going to travel with a dog using Limo hire services, you should get a seat belt for them. It will work the same as ours do, keeping your dog secure in their seat.

This will greatly reduce the risk of injury in case there is an accident.

Plus, it will keep your dog in their seat, allowing you to drive without being distracted by a dog that wants to get in your lap. Besides, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Preparing to travel with your dog should also include some basics, such as a collar, leash, food, and bottled water. You should always carry these with you if you are traveling for more than an hour. The collar and leash are essential so you can stop and let your dog out for a walk and potty break.

Another important preparation you should make is to check in with all the hotels and airlines you will be visiting to make sure they are pet friendly. Some of these places are welcoming to pets, however others will simply not allow them at all. A quick phone call will let you know, and might save you some money and a headache in the future.

For most of us dog owners, our dogs are more like a family member than a pet. This is why it is important for us to take care of them and help make our travels more safe.

It may only take half an hour to prepare for everything, but it could save your dogs life. I hope this helps!

Apr 6 2015

Dog breeds for London Homes

Dog breeds for London Homes


Ever thought which Dog breeds for London Homes suits your lifestyle and tastes? This might seem a bit crazy thought but it will surely help to get the right pet for you and your family. So, here is some information about top 5 dog breeds to help you get your type of pet:


Australian Shepherd
It is like the devoted family dog breed and is not afraid of expressing its love towards you by sitting on your feet, getting into your lap, leaning on your leg. But this not just a cuddly dog; It is a total brainiac breed and can excel in just about anything it puts it’s alert and sharp mind to.
Life span: 12-15 years

Golden Retriever
The sweet face of a Golden Retriever has big brains behind it. The breed was originally developed to hunt but nowadays, Golden Retrievers are fiercely devoted family dogs and need plenty of activities or exercise to do in order to avoid destructive tendencies. It can be the best breed for you, as long as you are willing to teach it the activities that can utilize its mind and body.
Life span: 10-12 years

Do not judge this breed by just its fancy fur. This breed of dog is like beauty with brains! And to add to it also possesses a serious sense of humor. Due to its heavy fur, the breed needs an intense grooming and care. The breed is known for being active and they thrive on learning and attention from the people they love. A Poodle dog is surely a fabulous choice for obedience and agility competitions.
Life span: 12-15 years

Border Collie
This breed of dogs is highly energetic and sensitive, responsive to its owner’s commands and hardworking, too. A Border Collie can never ever sit doing nothing! You have to give some or the other task to it which keeps its mind and brain busy. If you leave it without any job to do, he can create havoc. The breed can be the good matches for those who are as active as this dog, and especially those who are eager to be involved in their dog’s sports.
Life span: 10-12 years

German Shepherd Dog
This dog breed is fearless and adaptable. A German Shepherd is a natural protector. This breed is a great fit for police jobs and military. But it is still an energetic and a loyal companion for families, too. A German Shepherd loves to spend time with its people and family playing, working, hiking or doing something that utilizes its energy and enthusiasm.
Life span: 10-14 years

There are also many other breeds you may want to look for London homes; the only common thing for all type of pets is that you need to take a good care of them and their health. And the biggest life threats for any dog are insects and parasites because no matter what type of dog breed you have, it will still get infected by fleas in its life span.

Conveying a pet dog to the beach by limo can be a fun experience and help you bond with your pet yet you have to be aware of the safety of your pet and the individuals around so everybody has a decent time.

The first thing you need to do is check that the beach you are visiting allows dogs. Signs will be clearly posted if pets are not allowed on the beach but some may only be for specific morning and day time hours so check the guidelines of the beach to avoid any confrontations with the authorities.

Apr 2 2015

My Memories Of My Dog Blue!

My German Shephard Blue! Not Only A Man’s Best Friend, But My Partner In Crime!


I thought I would write  a quick note to my beloved dear old friend my German Shepherd Blue! He truly was a great friend, blue was a German Shepherd I had when he was a little puppy right to the age of seven years old. He truly was one of those little dogs that mature into a perfect example of a man’s best friend.


When I first got blue I was warned that this little cute German Shepherd with floppy ears and little walk walk would grow into a fine specimen of a German shepherd. His paws we huge,  I was warned by the breeder that he was going to be huge, she told me the size the paws actually depicts the size of the dog. In the end blue stood from tail to nose at nearly 5ft .

He was an absolute gem and a friend even at such a young age he was so protective of me, my brothers and the whole family, any time the door would go or a car  pulled up, Blue would be on guard. He was there and  poised to protect his owners and property.

Blue was a gentle giant, don’t get me wrong if you were to cross that dog he would certainly make sure you would never do it again. But he was gentle obedient and loyal. Everything that you would expect from a fine example of a German Shepherd.

There were times where taking  Blue for a walk in his younger years and he was so inquisitive about the world, he loved children, never bit a child, never showed any signs of aggression and was always that caring little dog that I remember blue was.

Blue was as loyal as they come to a potin where the look of an eye, the single motion of the hand he would  roll, stay, or be on guard and always by your side no matter what.

He truly became a part of the family, my mother who actually wasn’t dog lover fell in love him so much she actually broke her heart in tears when Blue did pass.

With that said I thought I would post about below as a little homage to him. I actually thought one day I taking a limo ride and having blue with me unfortunately. I couldn’t find a limo hire service in London that would actually take pets on board, to be fair to the limo company the problem was blue being as big as he was. He would of left bundles of fur on the back of the limo and perhaps drunk their bar dry but to my friend blue wherever you are I hope you’re well. Miss you loads!.. :)

I hope this story didn’t bring a tear to your eye! But it really made me smile thinking of the good times with Blue! If you are little upset, then please check out this video i found out about expensive dogs, its so funny! Sorry for the swearing in the vid, but very funny all the same! Anyone for Bulldog breeding?…hahahhahah.. :)


Dec 17 2014

The Pampered Life Of Dogs Driven Around In Limos

The celebrity hooch lifestyle has really had a influence on the

way that people now interact with their four legged friends.


Gone are the days where you would get up call out for your trusted friend and they would arrive all happy and excited with leash in mouth ready for their morning walk.  These days these dogs are treated like a fashion accessories and are forwarded the lifestyle that even us mere mortals would dream of.

A-list celebrities have now taken looking after their pets to a whole new level. They are literally treating their dogs as royalty. They regularly treat them to pet spa’s where their dogs can take their time and begin to relax and destress! DESTRESS??? Yes you your read that right, these celebrity owners are actually saying that their pouches are actually stressed out from modern life.

BUT SERIOUSLY…. how the hell can a be dog stressed?

What really makes them feel stressed out. Don’t get me wrong i hate people that abuse animals and i think there is a place in this world for people like them and that place is called JAIL!

But why the hell does a dog feel stressed? These celebrity pouches sport diamond collars, sleep in fur lined dog baskets and eat the best steaks in town. Their life does not seem to be that bad at all.

So really i don’t buy this issue that these dogs are stressed!

Another thing that makes me laugh and makes me think that these owners are crazy is that i have even seen, read and heard that sometimes they are even taken their pets to a pet psychiatrist. Really when i read this i nearly feel off my seat!

All that money that these owners pay for their dog to sit down on a leather clad sofa and let a true professional who is probably charging $$$$ to find out what is going on in the dogs mind!

I can tell you one thing, why isn’t this money being used for good causes instead! Use that money to help dogs or cats that have been left to fend for themselves! Donate the money to a animal shelter, lets help these helpless souls and perhaps give them a better life. With all this money being spent on needless luxuries for just one animal, imagine what that money could do for 10’s if not 100’s of dogs just to give them a normal life.

What a real dog needs is love and attention!

A dog needs companionship! A dog needs a owner to love them, feed them and look after them in a normal way. Dogs strive for that! To them i bet if they could talk, they would say:-

“Please lovely owner, a hug, a pat on my head or a lovely walk is all i need to be your loyal friend, i don’t need diamonds or spa days! Just a love from a owner that would take care of me.”

Limos rides are great, don’t get me wrong. But surely don’t you think us humans would appreciate the journey more. Enjoying the time with friends in a stretch limo while enjoying a drink and having a laugh, is probably better then having a canine in the back ripping up the luxurious leather seating and leaving a nice smelly present for the driver to clean up after the journey. If you feel the same and thinking about giving it a try then CLICK here to book your very own journey in a A1 stretch limo

Just my thoughts and a little rant for what i see, which is a waste of time and money spent on a dog taking a ride in a limo!

Dec 16 2014

Welcome To My Blog About Dogs

Hey There, Welcome To My Blog Regarding The Privileged Live Of Pampered Pets.